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added on: August 10, 2015

The Right Place For TMJ / TMD Therapy

At OHIOSmiles our connection to TMJ / TMD is personal. See, Dr. Antalis’s son had a lot of pain as a result of sports-injury related TMJ / TMD. He missed 130 days of school! That’s the equivalent of almost a whole year! So she traveled all over looking for solutions, getting training, and becoming well-versed in treatments.

What’s TMJ / TMD?

It’s Temporomandibular (say that three times fast!) Jaw Disorder. Some people refer to it as TMJ. Either way is just fine with us. It’s a problem caused by any combination of a variety of factors that influence your bite, and it can cause lots of problems and pain. Some patients, in fact, have experienced relief from pain that was previously diagnosed as fibromyalgia (a chronic pain/fatigue disease of the nervous system).

We Want to Fix it!

There are things we can do that improve the bite, reduce the pain, and relieve the symptoms. In the past, surgery was the norm for treating TMJ / TMD, but now we use several treatments known as neuromuscular therapies.

That means we make sure your teeth, jaw, and muscles are working together in perfect harmony by both getting a specific image (x-ray) of what’s going on in your jaw, and then creating an individualized series of treatments that might include everything from braces to using a TENS machine (a machine that delivers tiny shocks to muscles to relieve pain and tension).

So if you have any symptoms like ringing ears, intense jaw, head, face, or upper-back pain, ear congestion, tingling fingers or arms, insomnia, noise that comes from your jaw when you open or close your mouth, come see us at OHIOSmiles. A part of our team is committed to specifically dealing with TMJ / TMD.

We can’t wait to help you feel better!

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