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A patient smiling during scaling and root planing exam at OHIOSmiles in Cambridge, OHThe treatment for gum disease has improved with advances in dental practices. Gum disease is caused by a dangerous level of bacteria that is naturally found in every patient’s mouth, periodontal disease, which is also known as gum disease, can cause irreparable damage to both the patient’s teeth and gums as well as the bones of both the upper and lower jaw. The different treatment protocols include both surgical and non-surgical options. If you have concerns you may have periodontal disease or would simply like to find out more about the disease, please reach out to us today at OHIOSmiles.

Assessing Periodontal Disease

Our staff will need to perform an examination and assessment of the patient’s mouth in order to determine whether they have gum disease or not and in what stage the disease may be. Part of this evaluation will include discussing the patient’s medical history. Specific medications have been known to contribute to the development of periodontal disease. While we will visually inspect the patient’s mouth, we will also utilize x-rays to inspect the upper and lower jawbones to determine if they are affected by the disease.

Non-Surgical Treatments

Certainly, having a diagnosis of periodontal disease can be quite unsettling and can come as a blow to some patients, it is therefore vital that they begin receiving treatment immediately. Some of these treatments may require invasive surgical procedures, but there are other non-surgical treatments available. These techniques will only be used in the initial stages of the disease.

Root Scaling

The first nonsurgical periodontal treatment is called root scaling. This can be performed through either handheld instruments or with a soft tissue laser and removes not only the bacteria and the tartar, but plaque buildup as well.

Root Planing

Root planing involves the scraping of the roots of the teeth to keep them smooth. By doing this, bacteria cannot attach themselves to the surfaces of the teeth. This allows the gums to begin reattaching themselves to the teeth as well. This shrinks gum pocket size and improves gum health and strength.


The third non-surgical option is antibiotics. Due to periodontal disease being bacterial in nature, a healthy dose of antibiotics can sometimes yield results.

Lifestyle Changes

Proper oral hygiene has never been more important than if you have periodontal disease. It can help combat the high levels of bacteria in the mouth. Mouthwash rinses should also be used to lower the bacteria levels too. Tobacco use must be stopped as well as any abuse of alcohol. Regular scheduled exams and cleanings are fundamental as well. Please contact us at OHIOSmiles to talk about nonsurgical periodontal treatment options. Call us today at (740) 781-0540.
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Brushing and flossing have never been more important if you have periodontal disease. Scaling and Root Planing can also help! Call OHIOsmiles today to schedule an appointment!
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