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Is Dental Care Affordable?
Cambridge, OH

Image of a smiling man after finding out his dental care is affordable at OHIOSmiles in Cambridge, OH. Let's be honest: dental care can be fairly expensive, especially if you have to pay out of pocket. But this is largely attributable to the equipment used, the complexity of the procedure, and of course, the extensive training that dentists undergo. The timeline also plays a role in the expenses involved in dental care. Procedures that take longer to complete will cost more.

In general, your dental care procedure is likely to cost more if your treatment requires:
•  Extensive timeline
•  Multiple uses of biocompatible materials that are often hard to procure (such as titanium for dental implants)
•  Requires the use of specialized equipment, such as the tools required in dental exams
•  Type of procedure, in general, dental crowns are more affordable than dental bridges

Some of these procedures can cost several thousands of dollars to complete, primarily because the dental office has to purchase and maintain resources. This doesn't take into account the salaries of employed staff, including nurses, specialists, and dentists themselves. Don't worry, though; specialists at OHIOSmiles like Denise Antalis, DDS and Kayla Warner, DDS strive to give you the best in terms of dental care with the best possible results - while keeping you as comfortable and safe as possible.

Here are the dental costs for some common procedures:
•  A quick dental exam, such as an x-ray, costs approximately $150
•  A dental implant costs anywhere from $4,000 to $5000, depending on a range of factors
•  Dental crowns cost about $1,300
•  A dental bridge costs anywhere from $500 to $2,000 per procedure, including pontics and abutments

Reputable Dental Practices Must Invest in High-End Equipment

There is a lot that goes into upkeep costs for maintaining a modern, high-end, and fully equipped dental practice. For one, dental practices have to pay a fixed price on mortgage (or rent) for the property itself. This can fluctuate depending on the location of the dental practice. So key regions of Los Angeles like Hollywood will fetch about $25 per square foot for dentists to rent out space.

Not to mention having to invest in better materials and equipment, both of which save time and are often more comfortable to work with. Examples include computer-assisted design (CAD) and computer-assisted manufacturing (CAM), both of which give dentists a wide range of options in terms of treatment, which can be quicker and more comfortable. Other fixed costs include staff salaries for key positions, including specialists and nurses, who are responsible for providing you with an exceptional experience.

Utility bills can be expensive to keep up with, not to mention the upgrade costs for dental equipment (for dental practices that want to stay on the cutting edge in terms of state-of-the-art tools).

Then there are subscriptions for expensive software that must be kept up to date; otherwise, it could disrupt important dental procedures. Dental practices also have to stay on top of insurance payments, cleaning, uniforms, accounting, and waste collection. All of these procedures add up and can represent a huge drain on the budget of dental practices.

It wouldn't be an exaggeration to assume that overhead costs account for 60% of expenses for the average dental practice. Although dental practices strive to minimize their overhead, they often don't have a choice when it comes to alternatives. After all, practices like OHIOSmiles never sacrifice the patient experience and go above and beyond to provide the best possible service for precise results.

A Look at the Miscellaneous, Yet Necessary Expenses

Let's also discuss the variable expenses associated with dental care and providing the patient with the best possible services. This includes paying for laboratory fees, staff, consumable materials, and more. All of these expenses increase as business activity at the dental practice grows. Laboratories, in particular, can represent a significant cost to dental practices.

Experienced technicians at a properly equipped laboratory with a unique skill set will cost a lot. This makes sense because these technicians spent years developing their skills. To set up a laboratory that can provide reliable results to dentists requires a certain degree of expertise. It may cost less to work with cheaper laboratories at first, but the long-term costs in terms of reputation loss are not to be underestimated.

Quality of Care and Experience Matters

You cannot put a price on the quality of care that a skilled dental surgeon provides. Their time, knowledge, and skill are the most important resources that are often not valued enough. Typical training for a dental surgeon requires four years of undergraduate study, four years of dental study, and about six years of residency training.

How to Minimize Costs

It goes without saying that taking care of your oral health, such as regular brushing and flossing your teeth, can go a long way in minimizing the costs involved in dental procedures. We also recommend taking advantage of preventive and routine services, such as a regular dental exams and cleanings every six months.

This will ensure that any small dental issues are handled before they become a larger problem requiring a more extensive procedure. Book an appointment today with OHIOSmiles for recommendations on oral care routines and further guidance on dental procedures.

Choosing the Best Dental Practice

Now that you know about the behind-the-scenes expenses involved in running a dental practice, how do you find a good one that offers an excellent quality of service? Let's take a quick look:
•  Ask the practice if they use specialists
•  Get referrals from your primary care physician, lawyer, and other professionals whom you trust
•  Look at their online reviews
•  Interview some of their dentists, if they will let you

You can always talk to experts at OHIOSmiles for more information about what actually goes on behind the scenes at dental practices and get in touch with expert dentists. It's all about making sure you have the peace of mind that the dental specialists you're working with have your best interests in mind. Dial (740) 781-0540 to schedule an appointment and learn more.
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