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Do Kids Get Afraid of Coming to See Us?
Cambridge, OH

Posted on 9/21/2020 by OHIOSmiles
Image of a child seeing the doctor.One thing that many children (and adults) have in common is an irrational fear of coming to see us. Whether it is due to the unfamiliar setting, a dislike for the procedure, or something else, many people simply do not like to visit the dentist's office.

Fortunately, we can help alleviate this fear. If your child is afraid of visiting us, read on!

Helping Your Child Adjust

A major reason that many children fear a visit to the dentist's office is simple unfamiliarity. If your child is not used to us (or to our office setting), he or she may have a hard time adjusting during a visit.

A great way to fix this is to make it a point to bring your child in for a visit even when it's not time to clean his or her teeth. Feel free to make an appointment to bring your child by whenever it's convenient for you. We can show him or her around the office, explain what we do, and even let him or her sit in the dentist's chair for a few minutes. These kinds of visits make the next scheduled cleaning go much faster.

Educate Your Child

It may also help with anxiety if you help your child to understand exactly why it is that he or she needs to come see us regularly. There are many educational videos for children out there, so let him or her watch a few of them. Once he or she understands why it is important to come see us, it may help him or her to cope with the actual visit.

As always, we are here for you and for your child. If you have any questions about our office, or the way we do things, we want to talk with you. Give us a call whenever you'd like!
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