How To Get Food Out From Under The Gum Line

One of the dental aggravations that worry dental patients has to do with food or debris caught beneath the gums. If you experience this type of dental problem, you need to keep a level head. The following information offers tips about removing food that gets trapped underneath the gums. If all else fails, call our office so we can remove the food from beneath your gum.

Noticing A Problem With Trapped Food

Usually, if you get food stuck, such as meat fibers or small scraps of food, beneath the gum, you can rinse away the debris with a mouthwash or saltwater rinse. However, sometimes a fragment will not budge, which can cause a good deal of pain and distress. When this happens, you should get some waxed dental floss to remove the food. The wax on the floss should help you remove the debris. Make sure you use a gentle motion as you slide in and around the object. Don’t’ force the floss. Otherwise, you could injure the gum tissue. If you cannot get the food dislodged with the floss, you might try using an oral irrigator, also called a water flosser, to get rid of the food. Usually, the water will loosen the debris. Use a low pressure setting when you do this.

What You Should Not Do

Never try to dislodge the food with sharp or pointed tool, such as toothpick, as doing so could injure your gums or damage the teeth. If you notice your gums bleeding, rinse your mouth with salt water so you can get a better view of the obstruction.

Again, if none of the above tips work, you can always call our office for help. We have the tools and know-how needed to remove a stubborn piece of food or object. Call our easy-to-reach number anytime you need professional dental treatment. We offer a wide range of dental services and are always here to help.