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Why Trust Dr. Antalis?

Dr. Antalis is among the top TMJ / TMD treatment doctors in the nation. She’s LVI trained. She offers a neuromuscular approach to TMJ / TMD, which centers your care around the cooperation between your muscles, nerves, jaw, and mind. She offers K7 diagnostics and TENS therapy, among many other advances, options, and diagnostic tools.

K7 is a Neuromuscular Evaluation System that scans the jaw, records the precise sounds the jaw makes, and scans the electromagnetic impulses that happen in the jaw and face.

TENS is therapy for chronic pain that uses electricity to stimulate the nerves. This therapy has been helpful to thousands of TMJ / TMD and chronic pain sufferers nationwide. We use it to relax your muscles to measure the ideal bite.

If you have any of the above symptoms, or have been diagnosed with TMJ / TMD, then told the only way to fix it was with surgery, why not give Dr. Antalis a call today? We’d love to see you at OHIOSmiles.