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Orthodontics Treatment Cambridge, OH

Healthier OHIOSmiles

Orthodontics aren’t just for straightening teeth. In fact, while there are orthodontic options that are strictly cosmetic, straighter teeth are often a benefit of a comprehensive smile plan that can do everything from improve a patient’s bite to helping him take better care of his teeth by eliminating cracks and overlaps in which bacteria love to hide.

Early Intervention for Children

Did you know that a child’s mouth grows until after puberty? That’s why we like to see patients and do an evaluation by age seven. Sometimes, with a palatal expander – a plastic appliance that actually makes more room in a person’s mouth to accommodate her adult teeth – we can eliminate a need for more significant orthopedic treatments later.

Comprehensive Orthodontics

Whether your jaw needs aligning to improve your bite, or you’ve always had slightly crooked teeth, we will work with you to achieve the smile results you want and need. We offer orthodontics to treat TMJ / TMD, refine smiles, or to address a number of other problems. We use a cephalometric x-ray which takes a picture of your full face and jaw to diagnose and design individual treatment plans.

Traditional Stainless Steel Braces: Braces consisting of brackets and wires and are the ones you’re probably the most familiar with.
Ceramic Braces: These are similar to stainless steel braces in that they have brackets and wires, but they are less visible because the brackets are made of tooth-colored ceramic.
Invisalign: We create a set of clear aligning trays that snap on over your teeth and are designed specifically for your mouth. When you’re wearing Invisalign, most people won’t even notice. The best part is that Invisalign is as effective as brackets and wires.
FastBraces: Are just what they sound like. Brackets and wires that offer more efficient treatment – sometimes in less than half the time. Ask Dr. Antalis if you’re a candidate!