Learn About OHIOSmiles Dental Technology

Dental technology at OHIOSmiles in Cambridge, OH

Good oral health is a combination of taking care of your teeth at home and scheduling regular appointments at our office. When we work together as a team, we can help you create your best and most beautiful smile. In between regular dental appointments, make sure to practice good oral hygiene on your own. Brush your teeth twice a day, floss nightly, and use an antibacterial mouthwash. We’ll help you take care of the rest at our office here at OHIOSmiles by offering you the best in dental technology, including our intraoral camera, our digital X-ray machine, and our ultrasonic scaler.

How Our State-Of-The-Art Dental Technology Benefits You

Putting a good oral hygiene regimen to work at home will go a long way to help protect your smile from tooth decay and gum disease. However, you can’t do it all by yourself. You and your teeth need our help to give you your best smile. That’s why we are proud to provide our patients here with the latest in dental technology, going the extra step to ensure you have healthy teeth and gums for your lifetime.

Intraoral Camera

Our intraoral camera is an incredible tool that allows us to not only see inside your mouth but also share what we see with you. Before, our patients had to simply hear from us what we were seeing when we were examining you. Our intraoral camera allows us to take clear, crisp, and detailed pictures of your teeth and gums for you to see on our computer screen. This camera is more accurate than simply using a hand mirror to look inside your mouth, and we can store these images in your digital file so that we can track any changes to your teeth and gums.

Digital X-Rays

Unlike conventional x-rays, which would require us to send the negatives out to be developed, we instead offer digital radiography at our office. Digital x-rays are vastly superior to their conventional counterparts, not only allowing us to instantly view the results of your x-ray, but we’re also able to move forward with treatment faster because we’re not waiting for your x-ray to develop at our lab. We are also able to enhance and zoom in on any areas that may need closer inspection or adjust contrast or brightness. Plus, they emit less radiation than conventional x-rays, making them even safer than ever before.

Ultrasonic Scalers

If you like the feeling of freshly cleaned and smooth teeth after a dental exam, then you’re going to love our ultrasonic scaler. Traditional scaling of calculus (tartar) used a manual scaler and could be quite uncomfortable for our patients. Our ultrasonic scaler does the work in just a third of the amount of time, blasting away buildup on your teeth and gum line using powerful vibrations. Your teeth will feel squeaky clean because they will be squeaky clean! They’re more effective than conventional scalers, too, making it a much better experience overall for you.

Our goal here at OHIOSmiles is to provide you with the best possible experience at our office, ensuring your comfort and ease as you get the highest caliber of treatment with our skilled dental team. If you are interested in learning more about how we can help you using our superior dental technology, or to schedule an exam, please give us a call here at (740) 439-2501 today!